OtterBee’s Market: Online Shopping for Local Food

OtterBee’s Market is an online food buying club with home delivery in Brookings, Oregon.

Everything we sell is local. We source locally grown, harvested, raised, and produced foods from farms, ranches and artisanal food makers who operate within 100 miles of our Brookings location (with an occasional high-quality product originating from further away in Oregon). We offer what we find to customer “members” in and around Brookings and Gold Beach, Oregon & Smith River, California. Every Saturday we pack and deliver those orders.

OtterBee’s Market is your one-stop shop for all that’s local, fresh, and in season – perfect for those who not only want the freshest and tastiest food in our region, but who also care where that food comes from and is into supporting our local food economy!

OtterBee’s…Where Local Matters.