OtterBee’s Market:
Online Shopping for Local Food

OtterBee’s sources locally grown, harvested, raised, and produced foods – year-round – from farms, ranches and artisanal food makers who operate within 200 miles of our Brookings, Oregon, location. We offer what we find via our website to customers in and around Brookings, Gold Beach & Smith River. Then, every Saturday, we deliver what our customers order.

Pretty simple, right?!

We are a web-based local food grocery store…one that is convenient, efficient, and fun to shop at! And to-your-door delivery enhances the convenience. OtterBee’s Market is your one-stop shop for all that’s local, fresh, and in season – perfect for everyone who not only wants the freshest and tastiest food there is, but who also cares where that food comes from…AND is into supporting our local food economy!

Why Us?

OtterBee’s has been promoting and selling local food in the Brookings area since 2003, first through the region’s farmers’ markets, then with a multi-farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share program, and now with our web-based local food grocery store. We love promoting local food…we love EATING local food…and we love making it easier for you to get!

We know the farmers: we know who grows the best tomatoes; or who bakes the best bread; or who raises the best beef; or who produces the best cheese. We have relationships with our local growers and food producers; relationships built on trust, over time. And we know YOU, our neighbors, friends, and long-time farmers’ market and CSA customers. We have a relationship with you as well; a relationship also built on trust, over time…

And you know us! You’ve come to us in the past for the best peaches, or the tastiest corn, or when you needed help with a gardening problem. It was OtterBee’s that you turned to when you wanted to identify the mushrooms you found in the woods, or needed advice about the best varieties of tomatoes, green beans, or apples to preserve. And now – with the help of our website – you can come to us for locally-produced A2/A2 dairy products; the freshest seafood caught just off our coast; raw honey straight from the source; and more!

Our web-based local food grocery store makes sourcing all this great food even easier…for us AND for you. OtterBee’s Market is STILL your best, most reliable, most convenient source of local food.

OtterBee’s: where LOCAL matters!

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