Winter Squash: Sugar Pie Pumpkin (each)


Valley Flora Farm (Langlois)

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Valley Flora Farm (Langlois) grows a delicious sugar pie pumpkin with smooth, sweet flesh AND hull-less seeds that make for great snacking. Each pumpkin yields about 1/4 lb of seeds, which are delicious lightly salted and roasted. The high Brix pumpkin flesh is wonderful for pie. The weight varies, averaging between 1.25 and 2.00 pounds each; grown using organic practices.

Now, these are not the same as the pumpkins you carve for Halloween; rather, pie pumpkins are very sweet and perfect for pies (of course!), but also for other recipes for which a local pumpkin puree is needed. In fact, to work with your pie pumpkin, just treat it like any other hard winter squash: Roast it whole, steam it, or cut it into smaller pieces before cooking into soups and curries.

For baking, make your own pumpkin purée by baking or roasting it before using in recipes. Pumpkin purée freezes very well, so make a big batch to save for another baking project! Try this link for recipe ideas: The Best Pumpkins for Baking.

Your pumpkin can be stored in your pantry (or perhaps on an unheated porch), and should keep through Christmas at least! 🙂