Strawberries: Seascape (pint)


Ocean Air Farm (Ft. Dick, CA)

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Seascape Strawberries are one of the most prolific ever-bearers there is, and both Valley Flora Farm (Langlois) and Ocean Air Farm (Ft. Dick) grow lots of them! “Ever-bearer” means the plant puts on fruit throughout the summer instead of all at once, like a “June” bearer would.

Developed in the Pacific Northwest and specifically bred for our region, Seascape is famous for it’s gigantic center berry, surrounded by other big (but not QUITE as big!) berries. And, unlike other varieties, Seascape’s huge berries are hardly ever hollow inside, but meaty and red through and through!

Both Valley Flora Farm and Ocean Air Farm grow their berries using organic practices, and the berries we offer will come from one farm or the other, as specified above.