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Davy Crockett Farms (Brookings)

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Available through OtterBee’s once a month!

Fresh, authentic water (sawa) grown Wasabi (wasabia japonica) is a rare culinary treat which is traditionally grown in the cool mountain streams of Japan. It is one of the most difficult plants to grow, requiring mild, cool temperatures and fresh mountain water…exactly what we have here in the coastal areas of Curry County.

Grown by Davy Crockett Farms along the Winchuck River in Curry County,  this 2 oz. fresh Wasabi rhizome is the revered culinary delight of sushi restaurants around the world. When freshly grated, Wasabi produces a suite of compounds that comprise its unique heat as well as exceptional health benefits. Recently studied and noted for its enhanced cognitive benefits.

Davy Crocket Farms grows Wasabi under shade cloth with a single plastic cover opened at the ground, which allows the plants to be protected from coastal storms but also allows them to interface with the surrounding environment. The plants are nourished with fresh mountain water that originates on site to produce authentic water (sawa) wasabi.

Each package comes with recipes for using fresh wasabi. Wasabi rhizomes keep in the refrigerator for 2-4 weeks.

Check out this post from Portland: recipes using fresh wasabi, or visit www.realwasabi.com for more about this amazing vegetable.

What Customers Are Saying: I made the salsa recipe on the box and it was WONDERFUL!  It was quite mild relative to some of the other versions we’ve tried (powder or tube), but the wasabi taste was superb.  We devoured a double recipe (with extra wasabi) in 2 days.  We’ll try the tuna recipe later in the week.  It’s definitely worth an occasional indulgence!” – Julia P