Strawberries: “Seascape” Seconds (1 flat/12 pints)


Valley Flora Farm (Langlois)

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If you want to make jam and you need to save money, this could be the deal for you! Sold ONLY BY THE FLAT (12 pints), and not guaranteed available on any given week*, so you’ll need to be flexible as to when we can get them for you.

These are the same organically-grown, real-strawberry-flavor, Seascape Strawberries that Valley Flora grows each year. As farmer Zoe puts it, “These seconds don’t meet our Grade A retail standard but are great for kitchen use: jam, freezing, smoothies, pie and more!”

*We’ll be able to confirm whether or not we get what you’ve ordered by Friday evening; and if we can’t get them that week, we’ll continue to ask for them until we DO get them, unless you tell us otherwise…