Kohlrabi-Purple or Green (each)


Valley Flora Farm (Langlois)

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Valley Flora Farm in Langlois grows Kohlrabi in both the standard green and the pretty purple color; each bulb weighs between 1 and 1-1/2 lbs., including the top. Some people use the stems and leaves (they taste like a cross between cabbage and turnip), and some people don’t. Valley Flora grows all their fruit and veggies with organic practices.

Kohlrabi is German for “cabbage-turnip” and has a mix of both flavors; the cabbage flavor is strongest when eaten raw, and the turnip flavor comes out with cooking. Use in any recipe that calls for kohlrabi. Great raw as well as cooked!

Kohlrabi stores just fine in the crisper for up to a month; just remove the leaves and stems before storing. To use, peel the outer skin away, and any woody sections (such as where the bottom root attaches to the kohlrabi globe).




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