Lemons: Meyer (4/pkg.)


OtterBee’s Market (Brookings)

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A cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, the Meyer Lemon has smooth golden skin, a thin edible rind, a high volume of juice and none of the tartness of a regular lemon! Meyer Lemons can be substituted for regular lemons in most cases; its aromatic, slightly sweet quality brightens desserts, sauces, salads and roasts.

Provided to OtterBee’s Market by a Curry County orchardist, these lemons are a real treat whenever you want a burst of lemon flavor without the acidic bite. Grown using organic practices. Store your lemons in the refrigerator crisper, where they’ll keep for at least 2-4 weeks.

For more about the Meyer Lemon, including its origins and how it got to be such a favorite with chefs, check out this 2009 NPR story: The Meyer Lemon: More Than A Pretty Face.