Kale: Lacinato (bunch)


Ocean Air Farm (Ft. Dick, CA)

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Also known as “Dinosaur”, “Tuscan”, or “Italian”, Lacinato Kale features long bumpy, blistered dark blue/green leaves and is super tender! Locally grown using organic practices by Valley Flora Farm (Langlois), Ocean Air Farm (Ft. Dick, CA), and Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards (Roseburg), and coming to you from one of the three (see above), mainly based on the time of year.

You can cook kale many different ways and add it to all kinds of dishes, making it super easy to get more greens into your diet. And, unlike some other veggies, cooking kale actually increases some of its “superfood” power. Kale works in salads, too, provided it’s either “baby” kale, or it’s chopped up good.

To store: rinse, pat dry, trim any bad spots, and store in the bottom crisper drawer wrapped in paper towels.