Yogurt: 100% Grass-fed Vanilla Organic A2/A2 Extra Cream Top (24 oz.)


Alexandre Family Farm (Smith River, CA)

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Alexandre Family Farm is a family grass-based organic dairy on the northern California Coast, producing organic milk and yogurt in Crescent City, Smith River, Eureka, and Ferndale. Managed under traditional farming methods and strong organic principles, they have been certified organic for over 15 years.

Alexandre’s chooses to leave the milkfat levels exactly as they are on the day of milking – giving you the weekly seasonal benefit of full fat. The bonus to all this nutritious goodness is that 100% grassfed yogurt tastes so creamy and rich and delicious! Plus, their old-fashioned “cream top” yogurt is filled with five different live cultures and a simple ingredients list. The homestyle, slow-churned yogurt is made with 100% A2/A2 milk beta casein protein to allow for easy digestion, while this vanilla-flavored option adds organic vanilla extract, organic ground vanilla bean, and organic cane syrup.

Alexandre Family Farm 100% Grassfed Milk/Yogurt comes from cows that are pastured year round on their regenerative organic farm. They VAT pasteurize – low and slow – to preserve the delicious flavor of this nutrient rich milk/yogurt with the cream on top; and they do not process the milkfat levels – so you get the changing milkfat levels that nature provides.