Herbs: Fresh Lemongrass (3 stalks)


Fort Orchard Aquaponics (Gold Beach)

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This Fresh Lemongrass is field-grown using organic methods by local veggie grower Fort Orchard Aquaponics (Gold Beach).

A versatile herb that can be used in all kinds of recipes, from marinades to curries and cocktails to stir-fries, Lemongrass has a deep citrusy aroma that can typically be found in Thai cooking and other Asian cuisines. It is a popular ingredient used in many dishes to both enhance flavor and provide extra nutrients.

Fresh Lemongrass looks like yellowish green stalks similar to celery in shape and size. It has a citrus like aroma to it. While you will probably find it in the vegetable aisle, don’t be surprised if it smells less like a veggie and more like a fruit.

Store in the refrigerator for up to a week. Lemongrass also freezes well if you need to store it longer than a week. For more info about Lemongrass and how to use it, check this link: The Spruce Eats: What is Lemongrass?