Herbs: Italian Parsley (bunch)


Smith River Wildcrafting (Smith River, CA)

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A fabulous spring herb, this is the flat leaf (aka Italian) variety of parsley, locally grown by Valley Flora Farm in Langlois and Smith River Wildcrafting in Smith River, CA, and coming to you from one farm or the other, as noted above. Each standard size bunch is harvested within 24 hours, and grown using organic practices.

In general, flat-leaf parsley has a more robust flavor than curly parsley, which is associated mainly with decoration. Parsley is also an excellent source of vitamin K and Vitamin C, as well as a good source of vitamin A, folate and iron.

To store: rinse, pat dry, and either store in the bottom crisper drawer wrapped in paper towels or store upright in a tall glass of water on the bottom shelf.