Cranberries: Fresh (One Gallon)


Peters’ Cranberries – Port Orford

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Peters’ Cranberries, just north of Port Orford, harvests the majority of their berries from mid-October until mid-November, so their cranberries stay on the vine long after other cranberries have been harvested. (In Wisconsin, for instance – producer of over half the cranberries in the US – harvest has to be completed by early October, due to a more severe climate.)

This extra time increases the sugar (brix level) and deepens the color of Peters’ cranberries to a darker red. Vine ripened cranberries also have lower acid (that’s what makes cranberries tart), so Peters’ cranberries are not only riper than others, they’re sweeter too!

The Peters family grow their cranberries using IPM methods. The berries are wet-harvested, then cleaned and minimally sorted before being bagged up and shared with their customers. The berries should be refrigerated (where they’ll keep for a few weeks) or frozen (and can be kept for a year or better).

Cranberries are NOT just for Thanksgiving anymore! Check out these recipe ideas from the website “Taste of Home” for 80 ways to use “America’s original super fruit”!