Herbs: Cilantro (bunch)


Valley Flora Farm – Langlois

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A wonderfully aromatic herb, and a must-have for homemade salsa! Locally grown by Valley Flora Farm in Langlois, North Curry County. Each bunch is 1/4 lb., is harvested within 24 hours, and is grown using organic practices.

Cilantro is most prolific in Latin American, Asian, North African and Indian cuisine. Though it may be used as a garnish, both the stems and leaves are often a main ingredient in regional dishes. Use cilantro with yogurt, cheese, tropical fruit, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, onions, chiles or in combination with fresh herbs. Pair with meats, seafood, poultry, tofu and noodles.

Cilantro is a delicate herb, and should be kept dry and refrigerated until use. To store: rinse, pat dry, and store in the bottom crisper drawer wrapped in paper towels.