Carrots: Nantes (bunch)

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Valley Flora Farm – Langlois

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Valley Flora Farm in Langlois grows the fabulously super-sweet “Orange Nantes” carrots using organic farming practices. Nantes is a blunt carrot, suitable for soils that tend to be heavier. (The variety normally found in grocery stores is an Imperator-type, long and tapered, and needs to be grown in a very loose, airy soil, otherwise they fork or kink.)

These are full-size “grownup” Summer carrots, so expect bigger carrots, and fewer to the bunch, than the Springtime “baby” bunches.

To store, remove the tops (leave about an inch at the top), then store them in the fridge in a covered container of cold water. (Storing the carrots in the fridge in water will keep them crisp for a long time.) If you’ve left the greens on too long and your carrots have wilted a bit, crisp them back up by removing the tops, cutting a bit off the root end, and placing the carrots upright in a glass of water for a bit.

1 review for Carrots: Nantes (bunch)

  1. Linda M Bozack

    Very crunchy — perfect for snacking on carrot sticks!

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