Sea Salt Infused with Black Trumpet Mushrooms (4 oz.)


High Prairie Farm (Brookings)

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High Prairie Farm (Brookings), creates this Black Trumpet Mushroom Salt using sea salt and dried wild-harvested Black Trumpet mushrooms that they pick in the fall and winter from the forest which surrounds their idyllic vegetable farm up the Chetco river. The sea salt is infused with dried blacks and left to blend for 6-8 months before being packaged and offered for sale. Packaged in a 4-oz. resealable package; store in your pantry or cupboard and keep dry.

The Black Trumpet Mushroom (Craterellus cornucopioides) is sometimes known as the Black Chanterelle, although it’s not actually related to chanterelles. It’s one of the most flavorful of our “top ten” edible species found in Oregon’s South Coast region, and the dehydrating process enhances its woodsy, rich flavor. Black Trumpet mushrooms are only found wild, usually in the late fall and early winter here in our region.

Infusing the sea salt with the dried Black Trumpets creates a concentrated flavor and mushroom aroma that is excellent in risotto, soups, sauces and salmon. Consider this a “finishing salt”, used at the end to “finish” whatever dish you’re preparing.