Seafood: Albacore Tuna, Wild-Caught (7.75 oz. can)


Fishermen Direct (Gold Beach)

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Oregon Troll-Caught Premium Albacore Tuna, brought in by local fishermen, then packed in water and canned by Bruce and crew at Fishermen Direct. This Albacore Tuna was featured on the Today Show as one of the best in the nation. Once you try it, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better!

Small local boats based in the Gold Beach area bring in small catches – perhaps just 100 fish at a time – each one hook & line caught, then bled and placed in ice water to cool. (The ice water constricts blood veins to force all blood out.) Then they are placed in ice in the fish hold until the boat docks, where they quickly get processed.

This tuna is very different from the regular canned tuna you’d find in the supermarket:  it is offered as all-natural, tender hand fileted loins packed alone and cooked once in their own delicious juices. The tuna is canned from a single steak of dense tuna, so when you go to make a tuna sandwich (for example) you’ll find that it fluffs up to a much larger volume when mixed with mayo or added to a salad.