Beef: Smoked Polish Sausage (4/1-lb. pkg.)


Oat Hill Organic Beef (Smith River, CA)

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This is our newest sausage product (from the Palmer Westbrook Ranch/Taylor Sausage partnership) – Smoked Fresh Beef Polish Sausage. Known as “kielbasa odesskie” in Poland (when the sausage is made from beef), this is how Wikipedia describes the many uses for Polish Sausage:

In Poland, kiełbasa is often served garnished with fried onions, and – in the form of cut pieces – smoked kiełbasa can be served cold, hot, boiled, baked or grilled. It can be cooked in soups such as żurek (sour rye soup), kapuśniak (cabbage soup), or grochówka (pea soup), baked or cooked with sauerkraut, or added to bean dishes, stews (notably bigos, a Polish national dish), and casseroles. Kiełbasa is also very popular served cold as cold cuts on a platter, usually for an appetizer at traditional Polish parties. It is also a common snack (zagrycha) served with beer or plain vodka.

The beef is, of course, Oat Hill Organic Beef: certified organic by CCOF, grass fed AND grass finished, and locally raised in Smith River, CA with no antibiotics and no added hormones. The processing is done by Taylor Sausage in their Cave Junction conventional processing plant. So, while we can’t call this Beef Polish Sausage “organic” because of the processing method, rest assured it IS made with 100% certified organic beef.

Ingredients: certified organic beef, water, non-fat dry milk, contains 2% or less of the following: Sea Salt, Spices, Sugar, Garlic, Cultured Celery Powder. 1-lb. package of 4 sausages.