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Wild Rivers Lamb LLC (Langlois)

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Making “shishkebab” is easy: all you need is a mess of skewers, some in-season veggies…and some flavorful, local Lamb Kebabs from Wild Rivers Lamb (Langlois)!

Cora Wahl of Wild Rivers Lamb is a fifth-generation rancher who is continuing her family’s stewardship of the land. “We care about the lands we graze and the animals who graze them,” says Cora.  Wild Rivers Lamb is committed to providing their customers with high quality lamb; all butchering is USDA inspected at Marks Meats in Canby, Oregon.

Here are a few basic shish kebab (or “kabob” as some spell it) recipes for you to try the next time your family grills outdoors: Lamb kabobs Armenian Shish Kabob.