Cheese: “In Your Face” Spicy 3-Pepper Cheddar (6 oz. pkg.)


Face Rock Creamery – Bandon, OR

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Face Rock Creamery’s award winning “In Your Face” Spicy 3-Pepper Cheddar is one of their most popular flavors, proving that many people do indeed like it HOT! Jalapeno, habanero and sweet red peppers decorate “In Your Face” like confetti. This spicy 3-pepper cheddar is their spiciest cheese yet, so get ready for some heat!

Interesting Note: Most people thing this 3-pepper cheddar is hotter than Face Rock Creamery’s Pepper Jack, even though they use the same three peppers in each. Why? Jack curds have the lactic acid rinsed from them and sit in a water bath, which creates a milder flavor and moist texture. Because of this, a Jack will coat your palate and cut the heat, while a sharper and drier cheddar allows the peppers to shine more.

How it’s made: In 2014, their “In Your Face” 3-Pepper Curds took 1st place in the only national cheese competition in North America (ACS Awards). These same curds are packed into 40 lb blocks and aged to create this seriously spicy cheddar.