Radishes: Black Spanish (per pound)


Valley Flora Farm (Langlois)

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Novel spicy black-skinned winter radish, heirloom variety, sold bulk (without tops). Black Spanish Radish is significantly larger than traditional spring radishes, growing on average three to four inches in diameter or length. Depending upon variety the Black radish can be round or cylindrical and elongated. Its flesh is crisp, white and slightly bitter and offers a hot spicy bite. The skin of the Black radish is particularly piquant, so for a milder radish flavor, peel black radishes prior to serving.

Locally grown by Valley Flora Farm in Langlois using organic practices. Radishes are fabulous whether thinly sliced for salads, topped on a taco, roasted, sautéed, or simply dipped in butter and sprinkled with flaky sea salt.


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