Pears: Bartlett (20-lb. case)


Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards (Roseburg, OR)

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Buy your Bartletts by the 20-lb. case and save 25%!

The first pear of the season – and often the most popular one – is the Bartlett. Bartletts start out green and hard (like ALL pears), and turn yellow as they ripen. This year we’re pleased to be able to offer Bartlett pears from Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards in Roseburg (the Umpqua Valley), by the pound AND by the 20-lb. case. Bartlett Pears are available in our region starting in early September, and are great for eating, canning and drying. Lehne’s grows all their fruit using IPM practices.

Did you know, you can tell when ANY pear is ripe – whether it changes color like a Bartlett or not – by how much “give” there is around the stem of the pear. The more give around the stem (at the “neck” so to speak), the riper it is. Pears ripen from the inside-out, so by the time a pear is soft around the middle, it’s likely rotten on the inside. Since the neck of a pear is the first place to get soft, checking for ripeness here guarantees that you won’t bite into a rotten pear!

Remember this catchy saying, “Check the Neck”, and you’ll always know when your pears are ready to eat!