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The Pacific Golden Chanterelle (Cantharellus formosus), the Oregon state mushroom, was the first one we learned to confidently identify, and they continue to be one of our favorites. This season, we’re pleased to offer wild, organic Chanterelle Mushrooms, harvested locally on the southern Oregon coast. Note: quantity is very limited, so please only order one 1/2-lb. bag so others might have a chance at trying them also… 🙂 

There are a number of great recipes out there: two of my favorites are “Cream of Chanterelle Soup” (this recipe can be cut in half fairly easily) and “Dry-Sauteed Chanterelles with Garlic” (which really isn’t a recipe so much as it’s a technique for bringing out the best in your Chanterelles!)

Store your Chanterelles in the refrigerator, preferably in a covered container (but NOT a plastic bag; a rubbermaid container works well). They will keep for a week quite nicely. To prep them, cut away any bad spots, then brush them clean before putting them in the fridge. (They have been well cleaned already, so you’ll probably find you don’t have to do any more of that!)

Note: do NOT wash your Chanterelles! They’re notorious for soaking up the moisture, and washing will result in a slimy mess when you go to cook them (AND will make them rot faster in the fridge). Instead, brush any dirt or fir needles off with a soft-bristle brush (a pastry brush works well, as does a large makeup brush). If you feel you must, you can wipe off the harder to clean spots with a damp paper towel, but do what you can to clean them without getting them wet.