Grapes: Golden Seedless (1.25 lb. container)


Norm Lehne Garden & Orchard (Roseburg, OR)

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The Interlaken is a Thompson-like American grape with tapering clusters of small to medium, seedless golden berries. The crisp, meaty, sweet flesh has a pleasant tangy flavor, making it good for eating fresh and excellent for raisins.

The Lakemont – another grape modeled after Thompson – produces large, tight clusters of crisp, sweet and juicy yellowish green berries. This American seedless variety has a honey-like flavor and is perfect for table grapes and raisins.

These varieties are basically interchangeable, and are both grown by Norm Lehne Garden & Orchard in Roseburg using IPM growing methods. They are picked ripe in late August to mid-September. Refrigerate and plan to eat (or make into raisins!) within the week.