Corn: Candy Store (each)


Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards (Roseburg)

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“Candy Store” Sweet Corn is a sugary-enhanced hybrid (se), known for its superior tenderness, creamy texture and good “corn” flavor. A favorite yellow sweet corn that has stood the test of time, it has higher sugar levels than (su) varieties and succulent, 8-inch ears that will hold at peak quality for up to 2 weeks. You can expect to see it here at OtterBee’s through September at least…

All the corn at Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards is non-GMO, but also non-organic, as the farm conducts regular monitoring of the corn earworm and sprays to control it. In fact, this is one of the crops that they grow using “IPM” (Integrated Pest Management) methods. For more information about the IPM method of growing crops, visit this link about Integrated Pest Management.


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