Cheese: Smokey Cheddar (6 oz. pkg.)


Face Rock Creamery – Bandon, OR

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Smokey cheddars have been around for years, but Face Rock Creamery Smokey Cheddar is anything but ordinary. Other cheese factories use liquid smoke, smoke flavoring, or rub paprika into the rind to make it look smoked. At Face Rock Creamery, they take their time to produce a better, more flavorful cheese by cold-smoking each small batch with Northwest Applewood smoke.

Smokey Cheddar has a velvety texture and the perfect balance of smokey tang and cheddary bite that complement each other and is never overpowering. Don’t cover the smokiness with too many competing flavors. Cracked wheat or sesame crackers have textures that play off this smooth cheddar and apples, raisins, or nuts accent the Applewood flavors.

How it’s made: They start with their signature cheddar (not scraps) and age it for 12 months to achieve a full-bodied cheddar flavor. Then, it’s cold-smoked for hours in small batches using real Applewood smoke to finish it off.