Kefir: Whole Milk Organic Grassfed A2/A2 (28 oz.)


Alexandre Family Farm (Smith River, CA)

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Alexandre Family Farm is a family grass-based organic dairy on the northern California Coast, producing organic milk and yogurt in Crescent City, Smith River, Eureka, and Ferndale. Managed under traditional farming methods and strong organic principles, they have been certified organic for over 20 years. According to their website, Alexandre’s NEW Whole Milk, Organic, Grassfed A2/A2 Kefir is:

The Most Potent Kefir. More than 100 Trillion CFUs of living probiotics from 24 potent strains. Doctor-formulated for maximum gut microbiome diversity.

The Most Nutrient-Dense Kefir. 100% Grass-fed organic milk has the optimal 1:1 Omega 6 to 3 ratio (for reducing inflammation) and is high in CLAs (heart-healthy fatty acids) and phytonutrients (that help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress).

The Most Easily-Digested Kefir. Probiotic fermentation makes kefir 99% lactose-free. Their 100% A2/A2 herd of cows assures that the milk is also A1-free (a protein that can be difficult for humans to digest). A2/A2 dairy allows more folks to enjoy the substantial health benefits of kefir for gut, brain, bones and immunity.

The Most Delicious and Natural Kefir. Full-fat creaminess and flavor with a seasonal milkfat that is not standardized. By not processing the milkfat, what is in the bottle is exactly what came from the cow on the day of milking. This gives you the changing milkfat levels that Nature provides, ranging from 4.2 to 5.3% full-fat! A unique QR code on the bottle links consumers to the milkfat percentage of their product.

INGREDIENTS: Organic 100% Grass-fed Milk, Live and Active Cultures.

LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES: Bifidobacterium: Lactis (4), Infantis. Lactobacillus: Delbrueckii (2), Acidophilus (3), Casei (2), Plantarum, Paracasei, Rhamnosus (3), Brevis. Lactococcus: Lactis (4). Streptococcus: Thermophillus. Leuconostoc: Mesenteroides.