Mushrooms: Morels-Wild, Organic (1/2 lb.)


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Our picker friend Will is back with a few more Morel Mushrooms to share with all of you! Note: this is his third time going out for us, and at this point, any time could be the last time for the season, so my suggestion continues to be, get some while you can…

Quantity is limited, so please remember to limit your order to just one 1/2-lb. bag so that others will have a chance to order some… 🙂 

Morels should be refrigerated (in a paper or cloth bag so they can breathe), and not cleaned until just before you prepare to cook them. Cleaning can be as simple as brushing them lightly with a soft brush; you can also dunk them in water and spin them dry in a salad spinner. (This second method will also get out the majority of debris and critters.) Use your morels within a few days. (Note: if they seem dry when you get ready to use them, a 15-second dunk in water will plump them right up…)

One of my husband’s favorite ways of cooking our first morels of the Spring was to mix cream cheese, scallions, and bay shrimp together and stuff the bigger morels with this mixture, which he would then bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Scrumptious!

Another favorite method of ours is to simply cut them in half, saute them in some butter and garlic, and serve them over filet mignon or a medium-rare ribeye. This second method is especially good done over an open fire at the campground after a day of hunting the elusive little buggers!

Here are a few more recipes you can try: Poached Wild Salmon with Peas and Morels; Asparagus and Morel Risotto; Morel Mushroom Bisque.