Goumi Berries (1/2-pint)


Smith River Organic Farm (Smith River, CA)

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Goumi Berries aka Cherry Silverberry, are definitely not something one runs into in the grocery store! But here on the Wild Rivers Coast, one farm, at least, is growing them:  Smith River Organic Farm.

With the highest level of Omega-3 fatty acids of any known land plant, these sweet/sour berries are good for juicing, adding to fruit leather, making jam, eating fresh, drying, and even making mead! High in vitamins C, A, E, protein and lycopene. Even the NIH says it’s highly nutritious and therapeutic.

Smith River Organic Farm (Smith River, CA), is a small organic, permaculture farm that is farmer Terry Allaway’s pride and joy. Terry is one of our local permaculture experts, speaking at a variety of events and sharing her knowledge with those interested in growing food according to nature.

Picked within 24 hours of delivery. We recommend you refrigerate them right away, and eat them in a day or two! Limit 1 per customer please.