Carrots: Orange Nantes (5-lb. bulk bag)


Valley Flora Farm (Langlois)

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Save 20% by buying in bulk! These are the same super-sweet carrots that are available by the pound (or by the bunch), but by ordering 5 pounds, you save a couple of bucks.

Valley Flora Farm in Langlois grows these carrots using organic farming practices. Orange Nantes is a blunt carrot, suitable for soils that tend to be heavier. (The variety normally found in grocery stores is an Imperator-type, long and tapered, and needs to be grown in a very loose, airy soil, otherwise Imperators will fork or kink.)

Great raw or juiced, and definitely wonderful cooked (see our recipe page for ideas)! Talk about a wonderful, low-calorie, packed with nutrients, snack! 🙂