Apples: California Organic (one pound)

Smith River Organic Farm (Smith River, CA)

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Smith River Organic Farm in Smith River, CA, grows a number of different apple varieties, some of which we’ll be able to offer you. Those varieties can include, in approximate harvest order:

  • Liberty (yellow skin with red overtones, crisp white flesh, a harmonious more tart than sweet taste)
  • Belle de Boskoop (introduced in the 1850s in the Netherlands; a large, lumpy, dull red apple, often with extensive russeting; suitable for both dessert and culinary uses; keeps its shape when cooked; not necessarily  a snack apple, but can be nice cut into slices to share after a meal; the white-green flesh is dense with a very firm texture.)
  • Spartan (a small, “McIntosh” style sweet apple, with bright crimson skin and whiter-than-white flesh, a favorite with children; straight from the tree the flesh is very crisp and juicy; a good variety for juicing, with a pleasant, sweet flavor.)
  • Gala (sweet-tart and crunchy snack-size apples – a favorite with kids and grownups alike!)
  • Gold Rush (last one of the season, and the BEST storage apple ever! Wonderful sweet-tart flavor, very juicy and crunchy, and stays that way for a long time…)

You can count on the fact that ALL of Smith River Organic Farm’s apples are crisp, juicy, and sweetly tangy – AND “Registered Organic” in California – a special certification program meant specifically for small growers.


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