Nuts: Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts with Cayenne Pepper (1.6oz or 4oz. snack pack)


Laurel Foods (Hillsboro, OR)

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The newest snack to be offered here at OtterBee’s Market is Roasted Hazelnuts, grown and produced by Laurel Foods (Hillsboro, Oregon). Laurel Foods produces five varieties in two sizes: these Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts with Cayenne Pepper celebrate the world’s highest quality hazelnuts and are a healthy and delicious snack. (Note: this variety has a bite to it!)

Laurel Foods is a partnership between three family businesses (the Denfelds, Warings, & Johnsons), with its roots in the Oregon hazelnut growing region of the lush North Willamette Valley. The level of experience growing and processing hazelnuts within these three families is collectively the most in the Oregon hazelnut industry.

Oregon boasts an ideal climate for growing the world’s highest quality hazelnuts. It’s in this corner of the world where temperate ocean, mountain and river climates meet with rich volcanic soils to create prime hazelnut-growing country.

The hazelnut is unique in that it blooms and pollinates in the middle of winter. Wind carries the pollen from yellow catkins to a tiny red flower, where it stays dormant until June, when the nut begins to form. The nuts mature during the summer months, turning from green to shades of hazel nestled in a protective husk, and are harvested in late September or October after they have fallen to the ground.

The hazelnut became Oregon’s official State Nut in 1989. About 800 Oregon farm families grow 99% of the U.S. hazelnut crop on approximately 70,000 acres. Click here to learn tons more about Oregon Hazelnuts.

Ingredients: Roasted Oregon Hazelnuts, Seasoning Blend (Chili Pepper, Salt, Garlic Powder, Vinegar Powder, [Maltodextrin, White Distilled Vinegar], Maltodextrin, Powdered Sugar [Cane Sugar, Tapioca Starch], Citric Acid, Rice Concentrate, Silicone Dioxide, Paprika Extract), Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum. Non-GMO. Cholesterol-free. Kosher. Heart Healthy. Oregon Grown. This product is produced in a facility that also processes and stores peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk and egg.

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