Winter Squash: “Candy Stick” Delicata (each)


Valley Flora Farm – Langlois

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This is a new variety of Delicata, bred by Oregon plant breeder Carol Deppe. Known as a “dessert” Delicata, Candy Stick is sweeter than a typical delicata, with a smaller seed cavity that gives more flesh per squash. The sweet, rich flavor is reminiscent of dates. Dark tan skin with green stripes, rather than pale yellow, with a longer storage life – well into the new year. (Note: pledged as an OSSI [Open Source Seed Initiative] open-source variety to encourage plant breeding in the public domain.)

Grown using organic practices by Valley Flora Farm (Langlois). Each squash weighs in at about 3/4 lb.

Store them in your pantry, and cook them like you would an acorn squash (cut them in half, scoop out the seeds, and put a pad of butter and a little brown sugar in the center, then bake). Or, check out Delicata Squash recipes for a whole bunch more cooking ideas!