Winter Squash: “Honeystick” Delicata (each)


Valley Flora Farm – Langlois

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This is a new variety of Delicata, a cross between “Honey Boat” and “Candy Stick” – it has a striped, burnt-orange color exterior, but still the same sweet flavor inside! Of course, like all Delicata, these guys also have a very thin skin that can actually be eaten if one so chooses…

Grown using organic practices by Valley Flora Farm (Langlois), Honeystick Delicata doesn’t keep near as long as other winter squash; you can probably hang onto them for a few months, but these are NOT your typical winter keepers. Each squash weighs in at approximately a half-pound.

Still, you CAN store them in your pantry, and you CAN cook them like you would an acorn squash (cut them in half, scoop out the seeds, and put a pad of butter and a little brown sugar in the center, then bake). Or, check out Delicata Squash recipes for a whole bunch more cooking ideas!


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