Winter Squash: “Autumn Frost” Butternut (each)


Valley Flora Farm (Langlois)

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They look like pumpkins…but they’re not! This is a specialty Butternut known as “Autumn Frost” that Valley Flora Farm (Langlois) trialed in 2020 and loved so much, they’ve added it to their regular winter squash repertoire.

Autumn Frost Butternuts have fantastic flavor, sweet and appley (more complex than a typical butternut), according to farmer Zoe, who says “I made the best butternut soup of my life out of this squash the first time I tried it!”). They are also long-keeping, well into the new year. Fully cured now for peak flavor! They average about 2 lbs. each and are easy to peel. Very versatile, just like all butternuts.

Butternut are one of the best winter keepers, with up to a six-month “shelf life”. Store in a cool, dry spot (the floor of your pantry works, or in an unheated room or the garage). Don’t store in plastic because the plastic traps in moisture and may encourage rot.