Tomatoes: Heirloom Mix (pound)


High Prairie Farm (Brookings)

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Grown by High Prairie Farm (Brookings) using organic practices. A mix of heirloom varieties (described below), vine-ripened, sweetened by the sun, and harvested at peak flavor – all the things you would expect from a farm-grown tomato! Varieties in the mix include:

Brandywine: Sandwich-sized fruit that can grow up to 1.5 lbs. Brandywines are described as having a “great tomatoey flavor”, offset by an appealing acidity. It has a beefsteak tomato shape, mixed red and deep purple flesh, and can have green shoulders near the stem even when fully ripe.

Cherokee Purple: An old variety of tomato that develops a fruit with a deep, dusky-rose color while maintaining a somewhat greenish hue near the stem when mature. It’s very sweet and has a rich, almost smoky flavor. The fruit is large, thick-skinned, and refreshingly acidic.


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