Rapini (aka Broccoli Rabe) (bunch)


Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards (Roseburg)

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Also known as “Broccoli Rabe”, Rapini is a green cruciferous vegetable, with the leaves, buds, and stems all being edible; the buds somewhat resemble broccoli, but do not form a large head. Rapini is NOT actually broccoli, but is from the turnip family (“Rapa” is Italian for turnip), and is known for its slightly bitter taste. It is particularly associated with Mediterranean cuisine, and the trick to taming that bitterness is to first blanch Rapini in plenty of salty water to coax out its sweet side.

Grown in Roseburg by Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards using organic methods. To store: trim stem bottoms, then rinse, pat dry, and store in the bottom crisper drawer in a produce bag. Use within 3-4 days. Try one of these recipes to make the most of your purchase: Broccoli Rabe with Garlic & Shaved Parmesan; Rapini with Garlic.