Potatoes: “Kennebec” (per pound)


Ocean Air Farms (Ft. Dick)

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Ocean Air Farms (Ft. Dick) grows the white “Kennebec” potato, a great baking potato, similar to the Russet. One difference is that Kennebec potatoes have a thin, smooth and light skin, while Russet potatoes typically have thick, rough, dark brown skin with very dry flesh. These are non-GMO, grown using organic practices, harvested and cured for winter storage and use.

Kennebec potatoes are excellent keepers, and store quite well in a cool, dry, dark place (your pantry works) preferably in a mesh or paper bag. They also maintain their shape when cooked, and are perfect for potato salads, curries, soups, and stews.

Remember: too much light or moisture can cause your potatoes to get green spots or sprout. If your spuds DO start to sprout, just cut out the eyes and cook right away…