Tomatoes: Petite Tomato Mix (pint)


Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards (Roseburg)

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Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards in Roseburg grows a number of different cherry tomato varieties (grown using organic practices), and puts them all together in this colorful mix! Some of the varieties include:

  • “Tomatoberry” – petite, tapered fruits, ideal for snacking, with more juice than some cherry tomatoes
  • “Chocolate Cherry” – an attractive port wine-colored flesh and skin with a comparably delicious and multifaceted flavor
  • “Juliet”- the mama of the modern grape tomato, known as a “grape” tomato not only for their shape, but also for their high sugar content
  • Sungold – an orange favorite!
  • “Indigo Rose” – another “blue” variety, but one that has its own unique flavor, described as “flowery” by some
  • “Yellow Pear” – very sweet, 1½” yellow, pear-shaped fruits