Peppers: Sweet (each)


Valley Flora Farm – Langlois, OR

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Valley Flora Farm in Langlois grows a couple of different sweet pepper varieties, all of which are colorful (orange, red, yellow), sweet, and great for eating fresh, stuffing & baking, or roasting! Grown using organic practices, varieties include:

  • Bold in color (from yellow to orange, to red when fully mature) and super sweet, the “Gypsy” Pepper is a no-heat sweet pepper. Gypsies, with their thin skin, are perfect frying peppers, though the walls are thick enough for stuffing, too
  • Tapered, thick-walled, 2-3 lobed fruits are 4-5″ long and deliciously sweet and fruity. The bright orange “Glow” Pepper is great for stuffing…or for anything else you can think of!


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