Peppers: Mild (each)


Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards (Roseburg)

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Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards in Roseburg grows a couple of different mild pepper varieties, including:

  • Anaheim: a mild, medium-sized chili pepper that grows to 6-10 inches in length. They are often used for cooking and recipes when green, though they can be used when red. Anaheim peppers are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of recipes. They’re ideal for roasting and canning because of their thicker flesh and overall size, as well as stuffing for the same reason.
  • Poblano: an extremely popular Mexican chili pepper. The pods typically grow 4 inches long and are a very dark green in color, ripening to dark red or brown. They are mostly picked when green for general cooking. Their skins/walls are somewhat thick, making them perfect for stuffing as they’ll hold up in the oven quite nicely.
  • Pasilla (chile pasilla): properly refers to the dried Chilaca Pepper, a popular Mexican chili pepper. The chilaca pepper, when fresh, is also known as pasilla bajio, or as the chile negro or “Mexican negro” because, while it starts off dark green, it ends up dark brown in color. It typically grows from 8 to 10 inches long.