Peppers: Dehydrated, Organic (1 oz.)


Pistol River Pepper People (Pistol River)

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Pistol River Pepper People (Pistol River), dehydrates a variety of the peppers that they grow in their greenhouse, packaging them in 1-oz. packages for your pantry or cupboard. These dried peppers will last for years as long as they remain moisture-free. One ounce dried is the eqivalent to about 8 oz. fresh. Store what you don’t immediately need to use in a sealed glass container, out of direct sunlight.

Dehydrated veggies are similar to dried herbs: the flavor intensifies in the dryer, meaning that a little bit goes a long way! Rehydrate in warm water for about 20 minutes before using. Once rehydrated, they should be used immediately for best quality and flavor.

Try any of these recipes, replacing fresh peppers with dehydrated peppers at a ratio of about 1 part dried = 8 parts fresh: African Fish Stew (with Habaneros); Chile Rellenos Casserole (with Poblanos) (Rehydrate the poblano in warm water covered in a glass dish for 15-20 minutes then pat dry); Habanero Hot Sauce (one can make this mild with the Habanada if desired).

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