Peas: Snap (1/2 lb.)


Valley Flora Farm (Langlois)

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Valley Flora Farm (Langlois) grows Sugar Snap Peas that are sweet and tender – and often, string-less! We sell these by the half-pound (which is usually a generous pint). Grown using organic practices.

Of course, the name “snap pea” tells you that the pea pod is edible! (Contrary to old-fashioned “shelling” peas, where it’s the pea you eat, but NOT the pod.) Plus, this variety grows mostly string-less pods that keep their rich color and crunch, even after cooking.

Wash and store in the crisper (in a plastic bag or sealed container so they don’t dry out) for no more than a week. Try them steamed and served with butter and fresh mint as a side dish. Also great in stir fry, or diced raw in salads.