Onions: Purplette (bunch)


Valley Flora Farm – Langlois

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Mild purple mini-onions (golf ball sized bulbs) are harvested fresh and bunched with tops; these little Purplettes are grown using organic practices at Valley Flora Farm in Langlois.

The color turns pastel pink when cooked or pickled. The flavor is mild and sweet, lacking the pungency of a mature common red onion. The green tops are also edible but lack the flavor and sweetness of the bulbs. Store in the refrigerator crisper drawer and use within a few weeks.

The onion is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables and is considered to be native to Central Asia. It has been cultivated since ancient times in the Middle East and India. It is now the most widely cultivated and distributed allium in the world, adapting to a variety of climates from cold to temperate, semi-tropical and dry.