Kohlrabi: Giant Kossack (each)


Valley Flora Farm – Langlois

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“Kossack” is the giant-size version of Kohlrabi, bred for it’s enormous size but without that “woodiness” that sometimes affects large veggies. In fact, it stays tender even as it grows to 4 pounds or better!

Valley Flora Farm in Langlois says this is their sweetest and most tender variety, and that they store forever without tops! Each bulb will easily make a nice side dish for a family of four. Before storing, remove the leaves and stems, then keep in the crisper or root cellar. Grown using organic practices.

Kohlrabi is German for “cabbage-turnip” and has a mix of both flavors; the cabbage flavor is strongest when eaten raw, and the turnip flavor comes out with cooking. Use in any recipe that calls for kohlrabi. Great raw as well as cooked!