Cucumbers: Pickling (5lb. bag)


Valley Flora Farm (Langlois)

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Save some money by buying in bulk! Valley Flora Farm (Langlois) and Fort Orchard Aquaponics (Gold Beach) each grow a nice Gherkin-variety pickling cucumber. Both farms use organic practices; see above to know which farm is supplying the cucs this week.

Gherkins are known for their crunchy, juicy consistency; skin color can vary, from light to dark green, as can size, from 3-6 inches. Generally, Gherkins have a bumpy skin texture.

Cucumbers for pickling refer to cucumbers that are used for processing or making pickles. This doesn’t mean they can’t be eaten fresh, but their thinner skins, crunchy texture and smaller seeds make them ideal for pickling. A 5-lb. bag should make about 10 pints. Check this link for some quick and easy refrigerator pickle recipes.



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