Cucumbers: Lemon (one pound)


High Prairie Farm (Brookings)

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High Prairie Farm (Brookings) is growing an old favorite this summer – round, yellow-tinged, heirloom Lemon Cucumbers! We used to sell these years ago, but haven’t had a local source for quite some time, so we’re thrilled that Shani & Chris are bringing them back!

Called “lemon cucumbers” because of their round shape and yellowish skin, they are appreciated for their mild, sweet flavor and cool, crispy texture. Lemon cucumbers have thin skin and are also burpless, meaning they lack bitter flavor components and are easily digestible. They are believed to have originated in India or the Middle-East in the 16th century as referenced by ancient Middle Eastern texts, and were introduced to the United States in the early 1900s.

Sold by the pound, at approximately 3 +/- per pound. Naturally grown, using organic methods. Excellent eaten fresh (skin and all!); substitute lemon cucumbers in any cucumber recipe, keeping in mind you don’t have to peel them…