Herbs: Garlic-Chinese Pink (each)


Gardens of the Northwest (Port Orford)

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We’ve been searching for a new source for garlic ever since we lost our main source in the Rogue Valley. Well, we’ve finally connected with “Gardens of the Northwest”, a new farm owned and operated by Colleen Ellis, and located near Arizona Beach (about half-way between Gold Beach and Port Orford). Colleen is not certified, but nevertheless uses organic practices on her farm.

Colleen grew four garlic varieties this season, including our favorite, Chinese Pink! This hard-neck variety has 6-8 big cloves wrapped around a hard, center stem. Each clove is super easy to peel; raw, they pack a bite, but cooked, this garlic lends a wonderful, mild flavor to any dish.

Hard-neck garlic keeps for about 3-4 months (unlike store-bought, which is usually “California White” – a soft-neck variety which keeps for 6 months or more), so plan on using this garlic up before the end of the year.