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Umbrella Farms (Harbor)

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Baby to mid-size Chard leaves, packaged in 1/2-lb. bags. Very tender and fresh. Locally grown by Umbrella Farms (Harbor), a new hydroponic grower in Curry County.

So what is Hydraponics? Simply put, it is a system whereby plants grow in water instead of soil.

  • You can grow hydroponically all year long.
  • Hydroponics uses less water than traditional soil-based systems.
  • Hydroponic growing allows for faster growth and higher yields than traditional soil-based growing systems.
  • To grow hydroponically, you need plants, a container, water, a way to anchor the plants, nutrients and a light source.
  • It is possible to grow vegetables hydroponically both outdoors and indoors. If growing indoors, artificial lighting will help faster growth.