Plums: Santa Rosa (per pound)


Early Orchard – Brookings, OR (10 miles)

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Santa Rosa plums do well here in Brookings and we get ours from local backyard fruit grower Val Early! “Early Orchard“, as we’ve taken to calling it, is a small back-yard-type operation that has grown up over the years to the point that Val can now share her bounty with others. Note: there is a limited supply of these plums, and we tend to run out of stock quickly…

Named for its birthplace, this plum variety was bred in 1906 by the famed California horticulturist Luther Burbank in his Santa Rosa plant research center. Responsible for over 800 varieties of fruits and vegetables, most notably the russet potato, the Santa Rosa plum is considered the jewel in Burbank’s crown. So what makes Santa Rosa plums so special?

1. Deep, rich flavor: The sweet, tender and juicy flesh of a Santa Rosa plum is complemented by a hint of tartness in the skin, which serves to balance out the sugars for a perfect blend of flavor.

2. Beautiful, dark color: Red-skinned with a purple bloom, the juicy amber flesh of these Santa Rosa plums is flushed with a bright red hue at the edges. You may see scars on the fruit every so often, but these are strictly cosmetic and do not affect the fruit’s flavor at all.

3. Compact size: Bigger than bite-sized varieties, the Santa Rosa plums are sized just right to please without being overwhelming.