Plums: Prune (one pound)


Early Orchard – Brookings, OR (10 miles)

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Another fruit that grows well in Brookings is the “prune plum”, and we get two prune varieties – Italian Prune and its larger cousin, “Old World” Prune – from local backyard fruit grower Val Early! “Early Orchard“, as we’ve taken to calling it, is a small back-yard-type operation that has grown up over the years to the point that Val can now share her bounty with others. Note: there is a limited supply of these plums, and we tend to run out of stock quickly…

Sometimes also called Empress Plums, Italian Prune Plums are small, dense, egg-shaped fruit with blue or purple skin, freestone pits (they separate easily from the flesh) and yellow flesh. The larger prune plum known as “Old World” Prune is also a freestone with dark purple skin, about twice the size of it’s smaller relative.

These are the plums that are made into prunes. If prunes aren’t your thing, but baking is, fear not: you’ll be happy to know that prune plums are wonderful sugared and cooked! Check this link for new ways to use prune plums: