Persimmons: Fuyu (one pound)


Dunbar Farm – Medford (the Rogue Valley, 130 miles)

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Dunbar Farm in Medford (the Rogue Valley) grows two varieties of persimmon: Fuyu is for those who like their persimmons sweet, but more on the firm side. Dunbar’s persimmons are produced using organic practices.

Fuyu is small and flat, and – unlike the other standard variety, Hachiya (which needs to be almost meltingly soft before it can be eaten) – Fuyu can be eaten when it is rock-hard and still be absolutely delicious. Left at room temperature, it, too, will soften to custard. There’s also no need to peel this persimmon variety…

You really want to keep persimmons at room temperature for as long as you can. When you refrigerate them, they suffer chill damage quite quickly and will develop soft slimy spots.

Try this simple way to serve Fuyus: Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces and toss with lime juice and chopped cilantro to make a terrific quick fall salad.

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